About the blog

This ECtHR Workshop blog was established to provide a new scientific forum for the participants of the Tampere workshop in October 2015 to discuss on matters related to the European Court of Human Rights.

We are going to provide papers from the Workshop during upcoming months and provide other blog texts in relation to relevant issues under the theme of the ECtHR research.

viljanenPrincipal Editor of the blog is Dr Jukka Viljanen.

Dr Jukka Viljanen has been Adjunct Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Tampere since 2006 and has a permanent position as University Lecturer of Public Law.

His PhD thesis concerned the European Convention on Human Rights as a developer of general doctrines of Human Rights Law (2003). He has also been visiting scholar at the Netherlands Human Rights Institute (SIM) in Utrecht. He has given regularly expert opinions before the Constitutional Law Committee of Finnish Parliament.

In 2007-2009 he carried out a post-doctoral project called “Transformation of the European Court of Human Rights. Towards the Status of the Constitutional Court of Europe”, funded by the Academy of Finland. He has published extensively on the European Court of Human Rights. His latest research interests have focused on human rights dialogue within European and international systems and specific focus has been on the extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Recently he did evaluation of the first Finnish National Human Rights Action Plan for the Ministry of Justice. Most recently he has been in charge of a research project on the Finnish Constitutional Environmental Right funded by the Ministry of Environment Now he is responsible for Tampere group of NORDPLUS Law and Media Network.


Editor of the blog Doctoral student Heta Heiskanen

Heta-Elena Heiskanen is currently preparing her PhD on “The European Court of Human Rights as a Developer of State Environmental Responsibility” in University of Tampere, Finland.

In addition, Heiskanen was the Principal Investigator in the Right to environment –research group working in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment of Finland. The project analysed, how the right to environment (The Finnish Constitution Section 20) is protected by the law and practice.

She was also part of the evaluation team of the first Finnish Human Rights Action Plan. Currently she gives lectures in University of Tampere on courses such as “Human Rights law”,and on Master’s level  “Specialization on European Human Rights Law”. She is also a visiting lecturer in University of Vaasa for the course of  Fundamental and Human Rights.

Before the career as a researcher, Heiskanen has worked for the Government in different legal matters dealing with the Finnish international obligations. In addition she has experience from the District Court, EFTA-Court and private law firm.


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