Anni Kangas is University Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Tampere. She acts as the principal investigator of the project and also contributes to its research activities with her own research on the dynamics of migration in the context of Russia’s global city imaginaries. In this project, Kangas will also explore the role of art in (world) politics.

Arja Rosenholm is Professor of Russian Language and Culture at the University of Tampere. Her main fields of scholarship are history of Russian literature and culture, gender studies, especially Russian women authors, Russian popular culture, and ecocriticism.  

Suvi Salmenniemi is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Turku. She has considerable expertise in studying activism and feminism in Russia, as well as of combining research and activism. In her research, Salmenniemi has also detailed the gendered and classed dimensions of social activism in Russia.

Olga Burmakova is a feminist scholar at the European University in St Petersburg, an LGBT activist, and a writer. She has been working in a series of feminist campaigns in Russia and has carried out a number of public educational projects.

Gluklya (Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya), is an artist and a founding member of the Factory of Found Clothes and a member of the Chto Delat? group. Her art is guided by the idea of ‘transparent research’ and the need of the artist to be on the side of the weak.

Masha Godovannaya is an experimental film-maker and curator based in St Petersburg. In her work she combines feminist art and research.

Olga Jitlina is an artist based in St Petersburg. Her art explores the interfaces of migration, gender and activism. In her work Jitlina has explored the role that jokes and humor play in the fight against social injustice.

Ludmila Kholod is a writer and the editor-in-chief of a Helsinki-based literary magazine LiteraruS. The magazine publishes literary texts in Russian (and sometimes in Finnish), and its articles often focus on historical and cross-cultural connections between Finland and Russia.  

Daria Krivonos (University of Helsinki) is a doctoral researcher exploring obstacles and challenges Russian youth encounter while seeking employment in Finland. Her research analyses structural circumstances and gendered, sexualized and classed aspects of migration that enable or limit the labour trajectories of young Russians experiencing labour uncertainty in their everyday lives in Finland.

Inna Perheentupa (University of Turku) is a doctoral researcher exploring the politics of gender and sexuality in contemporary Russia. Her study is an ethnographic research that addresses a host of feminist and LGBT communities, projects and activists that are engaged in artistic and scholarly activities and leftist politics in St Petersburg and Moscow. Perheentupa interviews older generation of activists who were active in feminist mobilization during the 1990s as well as a younger generation of activists. With the help of a memory work methodology she traces the paths to and narratives of feminism.  

Julia Simpanen (University of Tampere) is a doctoral researcher exploring the role of art in international relations and the relationship between politics and aesthetics. She focuses in particular on the capacity of art to unravel existing power relations. Simpanen uses conceptions of gender and sexuality as an entrypoint to these questions.

Marja-Liisa Torniainen is a painter, fine art photographer and independent writer based in Tampere. Torniainen has given numerous solo and joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad and she has published one book. Her main issue as a writer is art with all its connections, especially art reviewing. Colours, from their whispering nuances to the strong colour dialogues are her passion. All the possible emotions are living in colours and in different colour combinations. Art is human research in itself. It has changing power both in individual and social life.

The Internet-Journal ”Litsei” Petrozavodsk, is a non-commercial, Petrozavodsk-based independent media. The journal addresses topics from a humanistic and cultural angle. Its readers are mainly actors and activists in the field of Russian and Karelian culture and education.

Irina Savkina is a lecturer of Russian Language and Literature at the University of Tampere. Savkina has considerable expertise in studying Russian migration in Finland, gender and popular culture in contemporary Russia.

Airi Leppänen is a journalist specializing in Russian civil society development and human rights issue.

Lea Peuhkuri is foreign news writer and editor at Lännen Media (e.g. Aamulehti, Turun Sanomat, Lapin Kansa).  

The project is funded by the Kone Foundation.