The research project “Making Spaces of Justice Across the East-West Divide” organizes an event on masculinity together with University of Tampere and the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas. “Masculinities on Borders: Films and Talks on Male Realities and Images in Finland and in Russia” takes place 3-4 December in the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas and Lenin Museum.

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Masculinities on Borders: Films and Talks on Male Realities and Images in Finland and in Russia

3–4 December 2016 Venues: The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, and Lenin Museum, Tampere

Sat 3 Dec 10.00 –16.15, the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, address Väinö Linnan aukio 8

Topic I: Memories of War and Peace, and Masculinities

10.00–10.15        Opening

10.15–10.45        Film: Post-War Dreams. Director Juhani Haukka, Aalto University

10.45–11.15        Comments: Juhani Haukka, Aalto University: Towards Another, Remembering Together – Documentary Film as a Potential Space of Memory

11.15–11.45        Aleksandrina Vanke, Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow: Masculine Memory and Emotions: A Case of Afghanistan War Veterans

11.45–12.15        Ville Kivimäki, University of Tampere: Nocturnal Memories: War and Violence in Nightmares

12.15–13.15        Lunch break


Topic II: Politics of Gender and Sexuality

13.15–13.45        Jiri Nieminen, University of Tampere: Male Politicians’ Performativities of Masculinities and Femininities in Media Publicity

13.45–14.15        Cai Weaver, University of Helsinki: Being Gay and Being a Man: Negotiating Belonging and Identity in Russia

14.15–14.45        Tatyana Ryabova, Ivanovo State University: Clash of Masculinities? ‘Putin vs. Obama’ in Contemporary Russian Anti-Americanism

14.45–15.15        Coffee break

15.15–15.45        Comments: Juhana Suoniemi, Green League: Masculinities in Politics – Experiences of A Male Politician

 15.45–16.15         Masha Godovannaya, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and Saara Särmä, University of Tampere: Explorations into Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Finland and Russia through Art-based Methods


Sat 3 Dec 17.00–18.15, Lenin Museum, address Hämeenpuisto 28

17.00–17.45        Svetlana Shuranova, Memorial, Moscow: Memorial: Not Guilt, but Civic Responsibility

17.45–18.15        Guided Tour in Lenin Museum

18.15                   Reception, Lenin Museum


Sun 4 Dec 12.00 –16.30, the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, address Väinö Linnan aukio 8

Topic III: Fatherhood

12.00–13.00        Film: Boys from Freedom Street. Director Elena Pogrebizhskaya, Moscow

13.00–14.00        Lunch

14.00–15.00        Film: Daddy Loves You. Director Ninni Rokosa, Tampere

15.00–15.20        Elena Rozhdestvenskaya, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow: Constructing Fatherhood in the Absence of Prescribed Roles

15.20–15.40        Ilana Aalto, University of Turku: Fatherhood and Masculinity – Dismantling the Circular Definitions

15.40–16.30        Roundtable discussion with Ilana Aalto, Elena Pogrebizhskaya, Elena Rozhdestvenskaya. Host: Iiris Ruoho, University of Tampere

Contact: Essi Katila,