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Tampere Workshop on Agency, Higher Education Institutions and Resilience

  • Date                Tuesday 19, March, 2019
  • Time                9:30 – 16:00
  • Venue             Technopolis, Kalevantie 2, Tampere
  • Organiser      Tampere University, Urban and Regional Studies Group

With David Charles, Paul Benneworth, Lisa Nieth, Jari Kolehmainen, Heli Kurikka and Markku Sotarauta. The programme is HERE (questions: markku.sotarauta@tuni.fi)


University of Tampere’s effect on the Finnish economy is 1.3 billion euros

The impact of Finnish universities on the national economy has been evaluated. The universities’ activities are annually linked to EUR 14.2 billion gross added value of the Finnish economy. The University of Tampere’s (UTA’s) share of the gross added value was nine per cent, which translates into 1.3 billion euros every year.

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New publication

Sotarauta, M. 2016. Leading a Fundamentally Detuned Choir: University of Tampere, Finland – A Civic University?. In Goddard John, Hazelkorn Ellen, Kempton Louise, Vallance Paul (eds.) The Civic University: The Policy and Leadership Challenges. 117-134. Edwar Elgar Publishing.

International Research University and the City as a Campus (CityC) [2016]

The CityC -project seeks to address contemporary challenges in the field of city/regional development studies by analysing the ways universities and cities could interact more strategically than often is the case. It, first, investigates the many roles universities have in economic development of cities by carrying out a meta-analysis of the existing evidence base. Second, the project analyzes the main development models constructed to support interaction between universities and various societal and economic actors, and third, it constructs an integrated model to support (a) strategic developmend work of University Properties of Finland Ltd, (b) rapidly evolving partnership between the three universities in Tampere (Tampere3), and (c) more broadly, futures oriented development work at the Finnish universities.