Avainsana-arkisto: Innovation policy

Sente Bergenissä

The 13th Regional Innovation Policies Conference, October 11-12, 2018

  • Kahilaniemi, S. Buying Witty Cities: Keys of success via Innovative Public Procurement
  • Sotarauta, M. & Suvinen, N. How Does the Green Economy Grow? Place Leadership for Green Path Development.
  • Østergaard, C.R., Holm, J.R., Iversen, E., Schubert, T., Skålholt, A. & Sotarauta, M. Green skills and environmental innovations in the Nordic countries.
  • Isaksen A., Sotarauta, M., Fitjar, R. & Lawton-Smith, H. The RIS Book. Keynote presentation.

New publication on specialisation and diversification

Cai, Y., Normann, R., Pinheiro, R. & Sotarauta, M. 2018. Economic specialization and diversification at the country and regional level: introducing a conceptual framework to study innovation policy logics. European Planning Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/09654313.2018.1529142

Regional Studies Association Research Networks

Leadership and Urban and Regional Development / Co-ordinated by Joyce Liddle, Teesside Business School, UK; John Diamond, Edge Hill University Business School, UK  John Shutt, CURDS, University of Newcastle, UK; Oto Potluka, Economics University, Prague, Czech Republic; John Gibney, University of Birmingham, UK; Markku Sotarauta, Tampere University, Finland; Andrew Beer, University of Adelaide, Australia; Ina Horlings, University of Wageningen, the Netherlands

Understanding regional innovation policy dynamics: actors, agency and learning / Co-ordinated by Elvira Uyarra, Manchester Business School, England; James Wilson, University of Deusto, Spain; Markku Sotarauta, University of Tampere, Finland