Doctoral graduates

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Kimmo Kainulainen, 2005. The significance of cultural industry in regional economic development (in Finnish)

Leena Helenius, 2008. Cities in the Era of the Symbolic Economy. The Effect of Perceived Signs on Images of Future Cities (in Finnish)

Arja-Tuulikki Wilén, 2008. Trust as a challenge and possibility for regional collaboration (in Finnish)

Jari Kolehmainen, 2016. Local innovation environment (mainly in Finnish)

Tuomo Heinonen, 2016. Innovations in Regenerative Medicine: Science fiction or a potential new industry?

Olli Ruokolainen, 2017. Planned creativity: Cultural activities and strategic promotion of regional development (In Finnish)

Matti Mäki, 2019. Sopeutuminen, resurssit ja alueellisuus vapaassa sivistystyössä