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Sente in Montréal

RSA North America Conference – The Call of the New: Unpacking Innovation, its Spatiality, its Benefits and its Costs. 26-27.9.2019. Montréal, Canada.

  • Jari Kolehmainen & Ari Hynynen: Site-sensitive Concepts for Knowledge-based Urban Development: Three Finnish City District Cases
  • Markku Sotarauta, Nina Suvinen, Suyash Jolly & Teis Hansen: The Many Roles of Change Agency in the Game of Green Path Development
  • Nina Suvinen: From the Ashes to the Global Spotlight: Mechanisms Renewing Regional Path in a Peripheral Locality

Davids and Goliaths: Regions in the Age of Urbanisation and Digitalisation – Norsa in Seinäjoki

See for more from HERE

Sente at the Conference:

  • Jurmu, Liisa: What kind of expertise is needed in future’s municipalities?
  • Andresen, Edith & Arrasvuori, Juha & Kolehmainen, Jari & Lundberg, Heléne & Parida, Vinit & Reim, Wiebke & Wathen, Pertti & Yli-Viitala, Pirjo: Cross-border collaboration in SMEs’ business and innovation development
  • Karppi, Ilari & Sahamies, Kaisu & Skippari, Mika & Karppinen, Ari: “A great future ahead – if we survive to see it” – Tampere light rail construction from the business perspective
  • Kolehmainen, Jari & Wathen, Pertti: Innovation analysis tool for the benefit of SMEs and regions
  • Kurikka, Heli: Role of agency in constructing regional economic resilience
  • Sotarauta, Markku & Suvinen, Nina: How Does the Green Economy Grow? Institutional Agency for Green Path Development
  • Suvinen, Nina: Path renewal and the expected future

Tampere Workshop on Agency, Higher Education Institutions and Resilience

  • Date                Tuesday 19, March, 2019
  • Time                9:30 – 16:00
  • Venue             Technopolis, Kalevantie 2, Tampere
  • Organiser      Tampere University, Urban and Regional Studies Group

With David Charles, Paul Benneworth, Lisa Nieth, Jari Kolehmainen, Heli Kurikka and Markku Sotarauta. The programme is HERE (questions:


Davids and Goliaths: Regions in the Age of Urbanisation and Digitalisation

Some regions turn out to be agile Davids and some transform into powerful Goliaths, but how will these transitions happen? Do we recognize the variety of these transition processes and are they real? What kinds of urban and regional development strategies are feasible?

Join us 17-19 June 2019 to mull over these questions (

Sente Bergenissä

The 13th Regional Innovation Policies Conference, October 11-12, 2018

  • Kahilaniemi, S. Buying Witty Cities: Keys of success via Innovative Public Procurement
  • Sotarauta, M. & Suvinen, N. How Does the Green Economy Grow? Place Leadership for Green Path Development.
  • Østergaard, C.R., Holm, J.R., Iversen, E., Schubert, T., Skålholt, A. & Sotarauta, M. Green skills and environmental innovations in the Nordic countries.
  • Isaksen A., Sotarauta, M., Fitjar, R. & Lawton-Smith, H. The RIS Book. Keynote presentation.

Sente in Lugano

RSA Annual Conference 2018. A World of Flows: Labour Mobility, Capital and Knowledge in an Age of Global Reversal and Regional Revival. 3rd – 6th June 2018, Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland.

  • Suvinen, N. & Sotarauta, M. Towards Institutionalised Green Economy in Finland
  • Sotarauta, M. Smart Specialisation and Place Leadership: Dreaming about Shared Visions, Falling into Policy Traps
  • Raagmaa, G., Kolehmainen, J. & Keerberg, A. The Organisational Resilience of Regional Higher Educational Institutions and Local Institutional Change. Insights from Kuressaare, Estonia and Seinäjoki, Finland