Davids and Goliaths: Regions in the Age of Urbanisation and Digitalisation – Norsa in Seinäjoki

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Sente at the Conference:

  • Jurmu, Liisa: What kind of expertise is needed in future’s municipalities?
  • Andresen, Edith & Arrasvuori, Juha & Kolehmainen, Jari & Lundberg, Heléne & Parida, Vinit & Reim, Wiebke & Wathen, Pertti & Yli-Viitala, Pirjo: Cross-border collaboration in SMEs’ business and innovation development
  • Karppi, Ilari & Sahamies, Kaisu & Skippari, Mika & Karppinen, Ari: “A great future ahead – if we survive to see it” – Tampere light rail construction from the business perspective
  • Kolehmainen, Jari & Wathen, Pertti: Innovation analysis tool for the benefit of SMEs and regions
  • Kurikka, Heli: Role of agency in constructing regional economic resilience
  • Sotarauta, Markku & Suvinen, Nina: How Does the Green Economy Grow? Institutional Agency for Green Path Development
  • Suvinen, Nina: Path renewal and the expected future