Two million euro for a study on green growth: Where does the Nordic green economy grow?

A major Nordic study will address the place-based and context-dependent nature of the shift to green growth by asking where, how and why the green economy grows.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to boosting green economy. It depends on place-based policies and varying institutional settings, the level of development of the country in question, resource endowments and environmental pressure points. The research project foregrounds the importance of innovation, new industry formation, and radical industry transformation.

The research project will seek answers to these questions through a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative techniques will be applied to analyse the importance of human capital and technological specialisation for the greening of the economies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Qualitative case studies of the Nordic regions will focus on the role of institutions and account for the diversity in the regional green pathways. An important element will be to distinguish between those successful practices that can be transferred between regions and those which are context dependent.

“We aim to identify the people and institutions that are influencing the efforts to boost green technologies and whether they facilitate or hamper the change efforts,” says Professor Markku Sotarauta from the University of Tampere. He directs the team focusing on institutions, institutional entrepreneurship and leadership.

“Combining extensive statistical data with an in-depth analysis of industrial innovations and strategies that transform those institutions and an analysis of leadership will provide new information to support decision-making,” Sotarauta continues.

“This research focuses on an important theme and is an excellent addition to our previous international projects by bringing in a stronger Nordic perspective,” Sotarauta adds.

The research project will start in February 2017 and take four years. The Nordic Green Growth Research and Innovation Programme decided to fund six projects. The total number of applications was 113.

Project: Where Does the Green Economy Grow? The Geography of Nordic Sustainability Transitions
Funding: NordForsk, Nordic Energy Research and Nordic Innovation: The Nordic Green Growth Research and Innovation Programme
Consortium:  Lund University (Sweden), Aalborg University (Denmark), University of Tampere (Finland), SINTEF (Norway) and the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education NIFU (Norway)

For more information, please contact:
The leader of the Finnish team Professor Markku Sotarauta, tel. +358 40 523 3517,
University of Tampere, Faculty of Management