European Parliament’s report on mass surveillance

This report aims at identifying what are the risks of data breaches for users of publicly available Internet services such as web browsing, email, social networks, cloud computing, or voice communications, via personal computers or mobile devices, and what are the posible impacts for the citizens and the European Information Society.
It explains the nature and importance of meta-data in Internet and telephone communications, and presents the latest technology advances alowing the collection and analysis of user data and their meta-data on a massive scale for surveillance purposes. The report also analyses the current legal framework for the use and commercialisation of such technologies in the European Union and internationally and identifies technological and organisational measures to protect the data and meta- data and reduce the risks identified. Finally, the study documents best practices and technical options available to citizens for mitigating the risk of surveillance. Possible technical short term policy options are proposed in support of the risk reduction measures identified by the study.

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