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Challenging Changing International Order

Jyrki Käkönen analyses critically FIIA policy paper on changing global order.

Migration or Modernization as a problem

Jyrki Käkönen approaches migration as systemic problem and reflects it as challenge for liberal values.

Strained Regionalism in the Maghreb

Karim Maiche depicts possible good news regarding Maghrebin regional integration.

Indo-Pacific Dilemma: Between Development and Geopolitics

While Indo-Pacific is a region defined by connectivity, it is also one of strong contestations and conflicts. One source of contestation arises from the rise of China. For India and…

Challenged International order: Reflections about the conference “Regional Challenges to Multilateralism”

Emeritus Professor Jyrki Käkönen reflects “challenged international order”.

In 1998 John Ruggie, a renowned political scientist, asked himself ‘What makes the world hang together?’

Giovanni Barbieri reflects what makes the world hang together in the context of Conference Regional Challenges to Multilateralism.

Keynote lecture of Professor Amitav Acharya in Tampere (Finland) 13th of September 2018

Professor of International Relations at the School of International Service (American University) Amitav Acharya lecturing in the University of Tampere in 13th of September 2018.

Immediate Impact

Terry McDonald approach sanctions in the context of US-Iran rift.

Islamic World and the BRICS

Karim Maiche approach BRICS – Islamic world connection.