Vol 14 (2001) Cultural Politics – Global, Local and National

A decade ago, in 1991, Nordic Theatre Studies published an issue focusing on “Angels on Scandinavian Theatre Politics”. Since then, theatre and cultural politics in the Scandinavian countries, as elsewhere, have changed – in some cases in rather radical directions. The phase of expansion in public support for the arts, for example, is a thing of the past, the traditional distinctions between the public sector and the market are becoming blurred, and globalization is challenging cultural politics at national and local levels. While the classical dilemmas inherent in the relationship between art, culture and politics still persist, new ones are emerging, which add to the fact that theatre and cultural politics are being confronted with substantial challenges – challenges that politically are addressed in often rather dubious ways, creating potentially counterproductive effects. Thus, this volume of Nordic Theatre Studies aims to bring a range of crucial issues, paradoxes and dilemmas in current theatre and cultural politics to light and place these in various perspectives. As the title indicated, the thematic scope is rather extensive, also when compared to the 1991 issue, insofar as the present volume addresses theatre politics as well as cultural politics more generally. Moreover, the focus is not limited to Scandinavia but includes international perspectives and contributions as well, and, finally, as the conditions and horizons for cultural politics are changing, the theme encompasses cultural politics not only at local and national levels but also includes global aspects. As a whole, the volume aims to discuss urgent issues and directions in theatre and cultural politics from various angles, reflecting some of the many paths into the field of cultural policy research. (Continue reading the introduction by Karen Hannah and Jørn Langsted in NTS vol 14…)


Karen Hannah and Jørn Langsted
Preface: Cultural Politics – Global, Local and National
Hilde Kvam
Nationalism and National Culture in Malaysia. Does the Canonisation of Popular Theatre Traditions Contribute to the Demise of Traditional Malay Theatre?
Jan Lewin
A Tragedy With a Happy Ending. The Swedish Theatre Crisis of the 1990s exemplified in the Story of Gothenburg’s City Theatre
Anne Marit Waade
When Art Becomes Culture. Contemporary Theatre and New Patterns of Reception: Consequences for Theatre Policy
Hans van Maanen
Theatre Systems in Western Europe
Miranda Boorsma
A Network Approach to Art Markets
Nobuko Kawashima
Decentralization in Cultural Policy: Unsolved Problems
Svein Gladsø
Theatre With a Mission?
Harry Hillman Chartrand
Funding the Fine Arts: An International Political Economic Assessment
Book Reviews