Vol 15 (2002/03) Acting – Life

Theatre and life are closely connected all through the history of the theatre, but depending on the shifting purpose of theatre this connection has differed. Very often the question of scenic realisation (in the broadest possible definition) has been the crucial point of distinction, and one of the most significant modes of scenic realisation was the art of acting. Up till the twentieth century, various styles of acting were stable in different periods of history and could be defined through relatively stiff conventions. However, from the acting experiments of the early twentieth century till the techniques, forms and styles of contemporary acting it is characteristic that the acting conventions have undergone a radical change; acting as such has become an unconventional convention, one might say.

Acting today has a multitude of connections to life and that is the reason why this issue of Nordic Theatre Studies has been named Acting – Life. Since this issue also reflects the multitude of research on connections between acting and life, we wish to open it by giving the word to a living actor whose professional work has been richly documented by theatre scholars from many different countries. (Continue reading the introduction by Annelis Kuhlmann and Lisbet Jørgensen in NTS vol 15…)


Annelis Kuhlmann and Lisbet Jørgensen
Julia Varley
Stolen White Flowers
Nicolai Elver Anthon
Dissolving Gender Matrix. A Re-reading of Johanne Luise Heiberg’s Autobiography
Ulrika von Schantz
From Circus Princess to Gender Aunt – A Story about Construction of Identities
Willmar Sauter
Acting, Life & Style
Annette Arlander
Performing Landscape – Acting Text
Bent Holm
The Name of the (Absent) Father. Pre-Text, Context and Text in Carlo Goldoni’s I due gemelli veneziani
Tatiana Chemi
Linea Trasversale, Flesh and Soul: Other Stages, New Perspectives
Hanna Suutela
Who Can Testify on Stage about Finnish Reality? Rainbow and the Kassandra 2000 Programme Challenge National Hegemony
Erik Rynell
Stanislavsky, Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Acting
Annelis Kuhlmann and Lisbeth Jørgensen
Epilogue: Acting – Life – Research
Book Reviews