Vol 19 (2007) Currents and Trends in Contemporary Scholarship

We celebrated an anniversary. Anniversaries are just like birthdays, weddings and funerals: they provide opportunities to fuse the memories of the past with the perspectives of the present. In October 2006, Theatre and Dance Studies at Stockholm University celebrated its 60th anniversary. Since the department is the oldest one in Scandinavia, all the Nordic countries were invited to contribute to an investigation of contemporary ‘Currents and Trends’ in the field of theatre, dance and performance studies. Speakers from Europe and USA added their views and PhD as well as post-doc projects were presented. In this issue of Nordic Theatre Studies, ten articles are published, which all emanate from the Stockholm anniversary symposium, entitled Playing Politics. (Continue reading the introduction by Willmar Sauter in NTS vol 19…)


Willmar Sauter
Introduction: Currents and Trends in Contemporary Scholarship
Elaine Aston

Knowing Differently: ‘Practice as Research’ and the Women’s Writing for Performance Project
Ananya Chatterjea
Contestations: Constructing a Historical Narrative for Odissi
Ulf Peter Hallberg

The Decision – not to Invade Poland
Ola Johansson
Eschatological Field Notes: Community Theatre, AIDS, and the Fate of Informant D. in Ilemera, Tanzania
Dirk Gindt
Heroes and Villains: Contesting Hegemonic Masculinity in a Peace Demonstration
Niels Lehmann
Forms of Presence: In Defence of a Constructivist Approach to Performativity
Yael Feiler

Cultural Context and Contextual Theatricality: Audience Survey and the Theatrical Event
Karen Vedel

World Dance. Trance Dance. A Contextualized Look at Vincent Mantzoe’s Solo in Men-Jaro
Pirkko Koski

Global Meets Local
Michael Eigtved
Religious Imagery in Popular Music Theatre – The Case of Carousel and Evita
Book Reviews