Vol 21 (2009) Theatrical Emotions

Emotions, real and played are a function of the theatrical situation. But how do these emotions work? Can emotions be shared between actors and audiences? Are the acted emotions the same as the felt emotions? Have “real” emotions a stronger impact than played emotions? How does a member of an audience deal with strong feelings?

In this volume of Nordic Theatre Studies we will meet some attempts to answer questions like these. In the articles, there are examples from different situations, perspectives, places and times. (Continue reading the introduction by RIkard Hoogland in NTS vol 21…)

Henri Schoenmakers
I am the Other (Sometimes). The Dynamics of Involvement Processes during the Reception of Theatrical Events
Anneli Saro

Theatrical expectations and experiences in Estonia
Stina Bergman Blix
Emotional participation: The use of the observer’s emotions as
a methodological tool when studying professional stage actors rehearsing a role for the stage
Anette Storli
Andersen and Jon Nygaard

Naród Sobie – Theatre as the Nation in Itself:
Three case studies of theatre and national emotions
Martynas Petrikas

Anatomy of Hatred: Constituents of Theatrical Failure

Edgaras Klivis

Nostalgia as Political Emotion:
Eastern European Subjectivities in the (Post)Soviet Theatre Context
Valda !akare

Non-verbal Representation of Emotions in the Recent History of
the Latvian Theatre
Piret Kruuspere

Estonian Memory Theatre of the 1990s: Emotional Scale from
Fear to Laughter
Dirk Gindt

Anxious Nation and White Fashion: Suddenly Last Summer in
the Swedish folkhem
Tiina Rosenberg
Queer Feelings: Reflections on Zarah Leander and Gay Diva Worship
Leif Dahlberg
Emotional Tropes in the Courtroom: On Representation of
Affect and Emotion in Legal Court Proceedings
Book Reviews