Vol 5 (1992) Acting and Dancing

Kristen Gram Holmström’s introductory lecture at Vitterhetsakademien, (The Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities) in 1983 was a memorable performance. I use the word “performance”, on purpose, because those present came to see parts of a performance of the ballet Swanlake. It was one way – albeit a rather unusual way for the fellows of the academy –  to give perspicuity to the “problems and methods useful for research in the art of dance”. In this manner Kristen Gram Holmström formulated the main point of her lecture, thereby indicating an exception form the praxis according to which dance as a stage art form has been relegated to “a very obscure place in the research community.”

Why did she speak about dance? Certainly it was in order to illustrate a neglected are of research. But one can go a step further and ask: why precisely is dance such an important area? The answer is perhaps: because it is a so transient and elusive art form, more difficult to capture and reconstruct than a theatre performance or a role creation. It raises those questions, which are tied up with aesthetic-historic research, to the extreme.

Kristen Gram Holmström’s unique position within Swedish humanistic research depends not only on the fact that she is the country’s only professor in Theatre Studies, but more, that she possesses a most unusual insight into those special problems which are concerned with what one could call complex art forms. (Continue reading the introduction by Örjan Lindberger in NTS vol 5…)


Örjan Lindberger
An Unusual Insight
Tabula Gratulatoria
Kristen Gram Holmström
Kristen Gram Holmström
The Reformation of French Tragic Acting in the Mid-eighteenth Century
Kristen Gram Holmström
Metaballet and Total Theatre. “Diaghilev’s Ballet Russe” in Gothenburg
Kristen Gram Holmström
Notes on Edgar Degas’ Statuette Little Dancing Girl, 14 Years
Erik Aschengreen
Dance is Joy. August Bournonville and the Romantic Ballet
Carla Waal
Judging Images of Youth and Beauty
Jón Vidar Jónsson
Judge Krantz in Iceland. On the popularity of the Danish vaudeville Eventyr på fodrejsen (An Incident on a Walking Tour) on the Icelandic stage
Kari Salosaari
The Signs of the Player: A Solution
Jacqueline Martin and Willmar Sauter
Postmodernism in the Theatre
Gunnar Bäck
Communication in the Theatre. A Question of Quality
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