Vol 26/1 (2014) Poetics of Playing: Fictionality, Reality and Playing in between

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Anneli Saro:
, p. 5

Anneli Saro:
The Poetics of Playing, p. 9

Luule Epner:
What do actors do in contemporary theatre?, p. 21

Jurgita Staniškytė:
Treading the Borderline: Play(ing) with Reality on the Post-Soviet Lithuanian Theatre Stage, p. 33

Barbara Orel:
Fusing the Fictional and the Real in the Contemporary Performing Arts: Projects by the Via Negativa Group, p. 45

Janne Tapper:
Modalities of Surfaces: Postmodern Poetics and a Riddle, p. 57

Vicki Ann Cremona:
The Poetics of Confrontation: Fadhel Jaibi and the State in Pre-Revolutionary Tunisia, p. 69

Maria Berlova:
Playing King, p. 81

Willmar Sauter:
The Digital Enchantment of Drottningholm, p. 93

Book reviews, p. 102