Vol 7 (1994) Expanding Horizons

The discipline of theatre studies in the Nordic countries is expanding its field of interest far beyond the immediate space and time. For a long time the main focus was, naturally enough, on nearby phenomena, and this is where it is likely to remain. Additionally, however, we are now looking further away. Initially, the outward movement embraced international theories and methods in order to apply them in work on domestic issues. Now the movement is also to make a contribution to the international field of theatre studies.

Time and time again we return to the intriguing question of the origins of theatre and more specifically to the issue of early theatre in the Nordic countries. As long as our definitions of theatre were closely connected to our own immediate contemporary forms of theatre, the introduction of theatre was considered to have occurred in the late Middle Ages. But with expanding theatre definitions the time scope expands too. (Continue reading the preface by Kacke Götrick in NTS vol 7…)


Kacke Götrick
Sveinn Einarsson
How Old is the Theatre in the Nordic Region?
Terry Gunnell
The Play of Skírnir
Anne Lande
Rakugo 7 –A Japanese Narrative Art and the Influence of the Second World War
Gavivina Tamakloe
History of the Early Ghanaian Theatre
Kristina Nero
La Tarumba – Bridge-Builders in Peruvian Society. An Interpretation of a Multi-Cultural Theatre Performance
Knut Ove Arntzen
Hybrid and Cultural Identity –  After the Mainstream. Arctic Theatre from Scandinavia in a Post-Mainstream Perspective
Janne Risum
SATORI – The Ritual of the Empty Chair. ISTA-symposium Drammaturgie parallelle, Teatro Potlach, Fara Sabina, Italy, May 21. – 31.1993
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