Go Global

1st –day of MEF 8.5.2014

Jin Muranen

Today’s conference leaves me one-word impression “global”. It has gathered around 150 participants from 26 countries and they have brought ME practices and messages from all over the world. It is impressive to see how much ME has been developed in a rather short time period.

First of all, it is impressive to see how many organizations have been established to promote ME and how active they are in their own ways. The partners of this conference: NORDICOM; Finnish Society on ME; National Audiovisual Institute; and Finnish Youth Research Society are amazing. They have carried out research, published books, magazines, newsletters, designed programs and made videos. All these efforts are for one ultimate goal, promoting ME.

Second of all, it is impressive to see efforts coming from multiple levels: international like UNESCO, EU and NORDICOM; national like many countries’ national NGOs; municipal and regional like universities, institutions and schools.

Third of all, it is impressive to see how wide and far ME research has reached.  Keynote speakers Divina Frau-Meigs talked about augmented media and information literacy (MIL) as the 21st century skills and Johanna Sumiala about youth lives in the media city as the challenge for urban ethnography. ME research reaching far not only means academicwise, but also audiencewise.  16-year-old Jesse Kosonen, as a youth audience, told us from the youth’s perspectives what they like and not like about media, why they use media and what they enjoy doing with media.

All in all, Media Education by nature never meant to be limited within a region, it has to be global. Media educators are well aware of this nature and taking good use of it.


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