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Professor Zhang Yanqiu is working for the Communication University of China. She is one of thepioneer researchers in the field of media literacy in China. Her PhD dissertation was the first one on media education studies in China.Her book (in Chinese) titled “Understanding Media Literacy: Origins, Paradigms and Approaches”(2012), is the crystalized result of her 10-year work in media literacy research. She explores media literacy concept and practice with historical, comparative and critical views. In her book she examines media literacy from the perspective of media technology, media ecology, media studies, media education, media institution, media regulation, and media convergence. It is one of the few comprehensive and theoretical studies of media literacy in China.

She was a visiting scholar at London School of Economics and Political Science and University of New South Wales, Sydney. Currently she serves as the deputy dean of the faculty of Journalism and Communication and director of Africa Communication Research Center at her university. When she is asked about the ME future, she said that in China, ME has been carried out in one form or another for more than 30 years.

The research of media literacy has been widely accepted in Chinese academy in the past five years after the concept of media literacy was introduced to China in the end of 1990s from the West. With the development of new media and media convergence, media education is confronted with new challenges in China and in the world as well. Media literacy should be studied beyond the individual level. It should be considered as a workable strategy for most of the institutions in the new media age to improve their performance at different levels.

Professor Zhang believes that it is a good platform for students and researchers to revisit media education and media literacy from their own background and to share experience and learn from each other.

Jin Muranen 7.5.2014


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