Professor Aarsand studies digital media in everyday life of the youth.

Professor Pål Aarsand is a researcher from Norway, who works in Norwegian University of Science and Technology at the Department of Education. He investigates youth use of digital media in their everyday lives. The main focus of his research is on game/play, identities, the parent-child relationship and digital competences. In addition, Mr Aarsand is keen on methodological issues at the intersection between ethnography and discourse analysis.

In 2010 professor Aarsand wrote what he believes is his most important publication: ”Young Boys Playing Digital Games: From console to the playground”. It was published in electronic Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy. The article showed how the activity activity game play is integrated in children’s everyday life and how it is an activity that can ’travel’ across time and space. Moreover, it claimed that game play literacy is adjusted and made relevant beyond the screen.

Norwegian professor believes that MEF gives an outstanding opportunity to meet researches and teachers from various countries and more importantly discuss with them ongoing research. One should not forget, that it is also a place where you might establish invaluable national and international contacts.

Curiously enough, Mr Aarsand did not answer how he sees the future of media education internationally and in Norway, arguing that there is no simple answer. One might attend a conference in order to ask this question in person to this renowned professor and see what his answer might be.


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