Dialogue with the World’s Leading Media Education Experts

Blog on 30.4.2014—Professor Li Xiguang, Tsinghua University, China


The conference on Media Education Futures, 7.-9. May 2014 at the University of Tampere brings together the leading academic experts on media education.

Professor Li Xiguang is working primarily at the top university of China, Tsinghua University as the Director of Institute of Health Communication, the Dean of the International Center for Communication Studies and the Director of Pakistan Culture and Communication Studies. He is also functioning as the Dean of the Chinese Academy of World Agendas and Honorable Dean of the School of Global Journalism and Communication of the Southwestern University of Political Science and Law.

In addition to those academic roles he is playing above, Professor Li Xiguang is also a leading media advisor to the Minister Office of Education; faculty leader of the State Council government spokesperson training program; chief lecturer of newly-appointed ambassadors and senior diplomats of Foreign Ministry; Member of the Experts Committee for Disease Control of the Ministry of Health; Member of the Experts Committee for Crisis Handling of the Ministry of Health; Vice-Chairman of the Journalism Education Committee of the Ministry of Education.

Professor Li has received a number of significant national and international awards for his pioneering work in soft power research and health and journalism education, which include the Pakistan President’s Award, UNAIDS Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Control of AIDS”, “China’s Best Health Educator”, “China’s Best Course of News Reporting and Writing” and “China Top 10 Educator” etc.

The latest publications of Professor Li are these three books: ”Soft power and China Dream”(2010, Korean edition 2013), ”Soft power in shaping public opinions”(2013), ”Who is blinding your eyes? —All you need to know about media literacy”(2013).

When Professor Li is asked how he sees the future of Media Education, he said that “We need a slow journalism instead of the journalism that always aiming for ‘being the first in reporting a story’”.

Now we have the opportunity to have a direct dialogue with the prestigious world-leading expert at the Conference of Media Education Futures one week away from now. With Professor Li, we shall learn about the great changes he has brought to the Chinese Journalism Education over the past 15 years.


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