Eila Kreivi: “Revolutionising the future with sustainable, transparent financing

People are increasingly interested in sustainability and worried about the effects of climate change. Funding and investing in sustainable projects is one of the solutions on the road towards a more sustainable future. The role of finance in solving sustainability challenges was discussed by Eila Kreivi from the European Investment Bank at her LFC lecture at Tampere University.

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Structuration as a theory of social change

Social theories are important when considering how change happens – or does not happen – in complex societal settings. As part of their studies, first year students in the Leadership for Change Master’s Programme are writing short memos on various social theories. We are publishing some of the memos here, on the LFC blog. This set of memos deals with structuration theory.

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Apply to the MDP in Leadership for Change!

Apply to the Master’s Degree Programme in Leadership for Change at Tampere University and begin your studies in August 2019! The application is open until 23 January 2019.

The MDP in Leadership for Change consists of three tracks: European and Global Politics, Governance for Sustainable Change and Sustainable Business Management.

The programme enables developing the kind of knowledge and expertise that is needed to lead and analyse complex change processes. The students will learn to deal with change in complex societies. The MDP in Leadership for Change responds to the need for new kinds of leadership skills, which are in demand at local, national, international and global levels. The programme is entirely conducted in English.

“Quite different from your everyday lectures” – LFC Lectures workshop

This November, we have been organizing workshops that prepare first-year LFC students to organize LFC Lectures in the spring semester. Saara Kontiainen, Communications Coordinator in the Faculty of Management, visited our final workshop and attended also the pre-Christmas party that was organized for all LFC students and staff. Saara wrote some observations from the class and took photos from there – and our party!

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Leadership for Change Students Looking for Internships

Leadership for Change (LFC) Students in the Faculty of Management, University of Tampere, are looking for internship places. The students are first year master’s students in business, governance and politics. Studying in the LFC programme, they have been able to develop analysis and leadership skills that are needed to deal with today’s complex problems. These students have a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills making them attractive to potential employers in the public sector, private enterprises or other organisations.

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Anna-Kaisa Ikonen: “Cities need to change themselves, and they need to lead the change”

How do complex challenges appear from the perspective of city leadership? This was the topic of the LFC Lecture by Dr. Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Professor of Practice in the UTA Faculty of Management and former Mayor of the City of Tampere. Dr. Ikonen shared the insider’s point of view with the audience presenting her ideas on leadership in the public sector and the role of the mayor in city leadership. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Markku Sotarauta, Professor in the Faculty of Management, commented on Dr. Ikonen’s lecture from the perspective of current academic research.

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