Lecture series “Mindset Changers”: Talk by Sonja Finér, Feb 7, 14-16

This year, the LFC master’s students again organize the lecture series, which will discuss topical issues. This time, the series got the name “Mindset changers”, and the first lecture in the three-part lecture series is given by Sonja Finér, Executive Director of Finnwatch (https://www.finnwatch.org/en/).

Sonja Finér overseas administrative and communication’s work and is responsible for labour rights research and advocacy. Before her position in Finnwatch, Finér has worked for Amnesty International Finland and for Fairtrade Finland. She has also acted as researcher/consultant in Kepa ry, which until 2018 was a Finnish development cooperation organisation and that today works under the name of Fingo. Finér has studied Environmental Planning, Sustainable Development, Biology and Literature.

Her experiences and background in NGOs and sustainable development make her a strong player in today’s global issues, inequality and (climate) change. Her lecture will take us through issues such as energy transformation in developing countries and socially just climate tax policies, as well as citizen-activism in leading of change.

The LFC Lectures bring together skillful leaders with experience in dealing with change. The lectures explore what kind of knowledge and expertise is needed to explain and understand complex phenomena, become a visionary leader, and to change the world. The lectures are open to the public. The link to the FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/571251156792176/.

The event is hosted by students in LFC Master’s programme.


WHAT: Mindset Changer Sonja Finér’s lecture on social sustainability in the process of transforming towards a carbon neutral society

WHERE: Tampere University, Paavo Koli Hall in Pinni A

WHEN: 7th of February 2020 at 14 -16 o’clock

WHY: Because the only constant in life is change!

Sirpa Pietikäinen: “Sustainability Requires Holistic Thinking”

People, as well as organizations, are often telling stories of what they do and how good they are at doing it. However, the focus should rather be on doing things so well that stories will be created out of them. At her Leadership for Change Lecture in the Faculty of Management (University of Tampere), Member of the European Parliament Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP) emphasized the importance of story-doing rather than story-telling in constructing a sustainable society. Doing is the story.

LFC student Berfin Nur Osso introduced Sirpa Pietikäinen to the audience

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Anna-Kaisa Ikonen: “Cities need to change themselves, and they need to lead the change”

How do complex challenges appear from the perspective of city leadership? This was the topic of the LFC Lecture by Dr. Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Professor of Practice in the UTA Faculty of Management and former Mayor of the City of Tampere. Dr. Ikonen shared the insider’s point of view with the audience presenting her ideas on leadership in the public sector and the role of the mayor in city leadership. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Markku Sotarauta, Professor in the Faculty of Management, commented on Dr. Ikonen’s lecture from the perspective of current academic research.

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Tuuli Kaskinen: “Good leaders must be thankful for their employees”

Tuuli Kaskinen, Executive Director of Demos Helsinki, visited the Faculty of Management at the University of Tampere as a guest lecturer for the Leadership for Change lecture series. Kaskinen discussed the role of systemic modeling and shared value thinking in leading complex change processes. She gave the audience advises on what modern leaders should keep in mind during decision-making process.

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Lauri Veijalainen: People have a lot to say on Stockmann and I absolutely love it!

Lauri Veijalainen, the CEO of Stockmann Group, visited the Faculty of Management at the University of Tampere as a guest lecturer on the Leadership for Change (LFC) lecture series on 23 November 2017. The lectures are organized and facilitated by the LFC master’s students. Here, you can read a report of the event written by Team Veijalainen.

LFC Student Iida Jokinen and Lauri Veijalainen preparing for the lecture

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Esko Aho: Leadership should be conceptual rather than personalised

The first Leadership for Change Lecture in 2017 was given by Esko Aho. Mr. Aho explained that during his time in the prime minister’s office, Finland was in a state of crisis. Since such incident had not occurred before, he had to take many steps and actions without a guideline or legacy. He also emphasised the importance of conceptual rather than personalised leadership.

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