LFC students analyze change at the Leadership Symposium 2020


New students in the master’s programme in Leadership for Change attended the virtual Leadership Symposium (in Finnish: Johtajuussymposium, johtajuus standing for leadership) organized on 9 September 2020 by the Faculty of Management and Business in Tampere University. The students were tasked to pay attention to how change — one of the key concepts of the study programme — was talked about, to relate this to their lectures and course readings and to write reflections on the basis of it. We are publishing some of the student reflections here.

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LFC case studies: solving complex challenges through research

Helping a local food bank tackle foodwaste, identifying socially sustainable public procurement practices, increasing the youth turnout in European elections. These were some of the topics that the multidisciplinary teams of LFC students tackled during the case study course organized during the autumn semester 2019.

LFC students presenting the results of their case study research to fellow students, representatives of case organizations and members of the university community in December 2019.

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Structuration as a theory of social change

Social theories are important when considering how change happens – or does not happen – in complex societal settings. As part of their studies, first year students in the Leadership for Change Master’s Programme are writing short memos on various social theories. We are publishing some of the memos here, on the LFC blog. This set of memos deals with structuration theory.

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Sirpa Pietikäinen: “Sustainability Requires Holistic Thinking”

People, as well as organizations, are often telling stories of what they do and how good they are at doing it. However, the focus should rather be on doing things so well that stories will be created out of them. At her Leadership for Change Lecture in the Faculty of Management (University of Tampere), Member of the European Parliament Sirpa Pietikäinen (EPP) emphasized the importance of story-doing rather than story-telling in constructing a sustainable society. Doing is the story.

LFC student Berfin Nur Osso introduced Sirpa Pietikäinen to the audience

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