LFC master’s theses spring 2020

We are happy to share LFC master’s theses from the spring semester 2020. Dear LFC students, congratulations for completing your works!

These theses discuss various topics such as the impact of economic sanctions, Finland in China’s Belt and Road initiative, Finnish policy entrepreneurship in the Arctic Council, and Armenia’s national role conceptions and their effect on the state’s foreign policy. Furthermore, the theses explore customer experience management through retail digitalization, institutional logics perspective in people analytics adoption, green human resource management (GHRM) perspective in Russian companies, the role of documentation during the bidding process for industrial solutions, and perception of key performance indicators by employees. There are also two theses that focus on stakeholder engagement in ecological restoration: one of the works discusses quarry site restoration and the other looks into rehabilitation of abandoned mine lands. As these master’s theses illustrate, Leadership for Change is a multidisciplinary Master’s Degree Programme and the programme provides tools to study diverse phenomena from different fields. Enjoy reading these compelling theses!

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Radical resilience

As part of their course Current Trends in Leadership and Change (LFCS05), LFC students have written blog posts about resilience, circular economy practices, stakeholder relations, conflicts in organizations and relational frictions in European monarchies.

The concept of radical resilience in the absence of state presence or assistance has been emerging in different contexts, such as in the United States. The blog post briefly explores the theoretical background, power relations and practical examples of resilience in the context of a sudden absence of governance structures. It also looks into resilience’s criticism and the concept’s implications for leadership.

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