LFC case studies: solving complex challenges through research

Helping a local food bank tackle foodwaste, identifying socially sustainable public procurement practices, increasing the youth turnout in European elections. These were some of the topics that the multidisciplinary teams of LFC students tackled during the case study course organized during the autumn semester 2019.

LFC students presenting the results of their case study research to fellow students, representatives of case organizations and members of the university community in December 2019.

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New graduates from the LFC programme

Six new LFC students have successfully graduated from the programme – congratulations! The LFC students graduate from three different tracks according to their chosen specialization – business studies, politics, or governance; but one can clearly see multidisciplinarity in the students’ works.

The theses this time have focused on a wide range of topics including solidarity economy in the Nordic welfare states, co-creation for sustainable development, water diplomacy in Central Asia, social construction of retail digitalization, depoliticization in Finnish politics, and the neoliberal agency in feminism. Below we provide the short abstracts of the theses with the permanent links to the publications. Enjoy!

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