Leadership for Change Students Looking for Internships

Leadership for Change (LFC) Students in the Faculty of Management, University of Tampere, are looking for internship places. The students are first year master’s students in business, governance and politics. Studying in the LFC programme, they have been able to develop analysis and leadership skills that are needed to deal with today’s complex problems. These students have a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills making them attractive to potential employers in the public sector, private enterprises or other organisations.

The students have received a grant for their internship from the University of Tampere. This grant covers a significant part of the employer’s internship costs (for more information, please, click here). The internship grant can only be provided for internships under a Finnish employer. However, it is possible to use the grant for an internship abroad if the employer is Finnish.

Here are profiles of some of our students currently looking for an internship.

Berfin Nur Osso

I am Berfin Nur Osso. I obtained my Bachelor of Laws degree, with a minor in International Relations, from Koç University, Istanbul in 2017. I have three years of experience in voluntary work, think-tanks and NGOs. I have previously worked at and developed my research skills on human rights law, international refugee law, EU asylum policy, and externalization of migration at the Institute of International Relations Prague and Koç University Migration Research Center. I am also the Vice President for National Affairs & Academic Activities at Jus Gentium, which is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political organization promoting public international law and human rights. In addition to my native language Turkish, I am fluent in English, have a working knowledge in Russian, and have the basics of German and Finnish. I can be reached at osso.berfin.n@student.uta.fi.


Anifat Oladipupo

My name is Anifat Oladipupo. I am a graduate of International Business Administration (major in Finance and Accounting) from the Tallinn University of Technology. I am currently studying towards a master’s degree in the Leadership for Change programme, majoring in Sustainable Business Management. I have Business Analysis experience with job roles ranging from liaison with clients and different stakeholders to gathering information and managing relationship with stakeholders at all levels. This position has enhanced my problem solving, team work, negotiation and communication skills. My passion is to support and facilitate change in business environment and to improve organisation profit and growth. Having served as an International Student Ambassador, offering support and advice to students from diverse backgrounds and as well as protecting their interests, I also have been able to develop my leadership skills. I am looking for an internship opportunity in an organisation where I can fully exploit my skills and pass on my experience. You can get in touch via oladipupo.anifat.o@student.uta.fi

Jekaterina Stukane

My name is Jekaterina Stukane. Before joining the LFC programme, I studied customs and taxes at the Riga Technical University from where I also received my Bachelor’s Degree. I have previously worked at the State Revenue Service where I got acquainted with customs duty and customs procedure documentation and specialised in the classification of goods by harmonised nomenclature. Additionally, I have more than a year long experience in customer service and insurance field. I speak Latvian, Russian and English, and at the moment I am actively studying the Finnish language. I also have fair knowledge of French and Ukrainian. I am looking forward to new experiences and expertise, and widening my understanding of the world. I can be reached at stukane.jekaterina.x@student.uta.fi.

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