Welcome to the Faculty of Management! Orientation Session on 29.08.2017

The Leadership for Change orientation session was organized on Tuesday August 29th. The LFC students, staff and the students’ organizations got to know each other and the atmosphere was inspiring and positive! Read the full story.

The event started with the greetings of Antti Lönnqvist, Dean of the Faculty of Management, who welcomed the students to the Faculty of Management. He noted that the university community is lively and as a city, Tampere offers a lot. After Dean’s opening words, Anni Kangas, Academic Director of the Master’s Programme in Leadership for Change, introduced herself and also welcomed the students to the University of Tampere.

The class was divided into groups and soon they were given a group assignment, which was both entertaining and interesting: the students had to choose one picture to describe themselves and one picture to reflect their expectations concerning the MDP in Leadership for Change. It was fascinating to notice that many mini-groups shared the expectations and thoughts about the programme. The themes of global citizenship, dynamics between local and global, sustainability and thinking about the world as a whole were some of the many topics that the groups discussed. Curiously, this is very close to the core interests of the MDP in Leadership for Change: the programme enables developing the kind of knowledge and expertise that is needed to explain and understand complex phenomena, become a visionary leader, and to change the world.

A buzz around the group assignment pictures

Discussing the posters in mini-groups

Students presenting the works for the class

It was interesting to hear about the outcomes of the group assignment

After the short break with some coffee and Finnish blueberry pie, the teachers of the three tracks introduced themselves: Hannu Saarijärvi, Lasse Koskinen, Johanna Kujala and Anna Heikkinen from the Business track started the round of introductions, followed by Hanna Ojanen, the only Jean Monnet Professor in Finland, Gleb Yarovoy, the coordinator of the double degree master’s programme CBIR, Saara Mattero and Markku Sippola. Harri Laihonen from Administrative Sciences presented Eija Vinnari, Elias Pekkola, Jarmo Vakkuri and Markku Sotarauta, who will be teaching in topics concerning Administrative Sciences.

After teachers’ introductions, University Instructor Hanna Salminen exposed students to the practical matters of their studies. The structure of the programme was presented, consisting of
1) Joint Advanced Studies (mandatory for everyone)
2) Specialisation-specific Advanced Studies (which consist of Governance for Sustainable Change, Politics in Wider Europe and Sustainable Business Management) and
3) Free-choice Studies.
Hanna reminded about the importance to keep a track of the course enrollment deadlines and, indeed, it is highly recommended to write those dates down to your calendar so that you won’t miss them!

Hanna also told briefly about the interesting course LFCS01 Perspectives to Sustainable Organizational and Societal Change, which consists of two parts: 1) Key Concept Lectures and 2) Lectures by Visiting Practitioners (‘LFC Lectures’). The first lecture of the course will take place on September 6th at 15.00-16.15, titled ‘How to Lead a Food (R)evolution?’. The panel will be part of the annual Leadership Symposium (Johtajuussymposiumi), which brings together professionals and decision-makers from different fields to discuss contemporary issues and challenges related to leadership.

Another interesting opportunity for the LFC students is the double-degree programme CBIR, that was presented to the students. The double-degree programme allows students to get a master’s degree not only from the University of Tampere, but also from the Saint Petersburg State University.

The orientation session was wrapped up with the presentation of the students’ organizations: JKY, Boomi, Iltakoulu and Staabi were introduced to the students. The students’ organizations organize a wide range of various events from parties to cultural excursions and company visits, and it is a good idea to join one of them – you’ll get both personal and professional value from it! And while you officially belong to only one of the introduced organizations, the LFC students have a great advantage of having the access to all events, organized by Boomi, Iltakoulu and Staabi! If you wish to get the classic overalls, convenient in the student parties throughout the next two years, now is the time to order them. Contact your students’ organization for more information.

Also, thank you for answering our little survey at the end of the orientation session! We will later share the results of the assignment, which involved listing the central values and guidelines for learning.

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