Registration of publications at the turn of the year 2018-2019

Researcher at Tampere University, follow the changes of publication data collection practices at the turn of the year.

Data collection will continue as usual in January 2019

In January 2019 we will continue to collect the previous year’s publication data and other academic outputs and activities. You can log in to SoleCRIS and TUTCRIS with your old credentials until otherwise stated (at least until the end of January 2019).

Integrations from source systems will be stopped on Friday 21.12.2018 so that publications can be registered for the existing faculties and laboratories. All publications of 2018 must be registered by the end of January 2019.

Register new publications in March 2019 at the earliest

Publications and other academic outputs and activities will be registered as before, even though two CRIS systems will be used side by side. SoleCRIS will be used by staff previously employed by the University of Tampere and TUTCRIS will be used by staff previously employed by the Tampere University of Technology.

New system integrations will be reinitiated in early March 2019. We request that new 2019 publications will not be registered until March 2019 because there may be problems when linking the publications to the new faculties.


Self-archiving will continue as before. The library sends self-archiving requests when checking publications if the article can be self-archived. Any publication can be suggested for self-archiving by sending a request to the library. The library self-archives all open access, CC-licensed publications to TamPub automatically.

New research information system in 2020

A new shared CRIS will be introduced in 2020. The tendering process for the new system is about to begin.

More information:
Sirpa Hangasmäki,
Tanja Heikkilä,

Info sessions about changes in publishing practices

Come and ask what is changing in publication data collection, self-archiving and publishing a dissertation in 2019 at the new Tampere University. The Library offers three brief information sessions on three campuses. We’ll be happy to answer questions also in English.

  • Thu 22.11. at 10-11, UTA Linna 3022
  • Tue 27.11. at 13-14, TUT PB132
  • Wed 28.11. 13-14, UTA Arvo B109

More information:
Tanja Heikkilä, Information Specialist,