Researcher, add your ORCID identifier to SoleCRIS

The researchers at the University of Tampere have now the possibility to enter their ORCID researcher identifiers in the current research information system of the University, SoleCRIS. The field for the ORCID identifier is on My information page.

The international ORCID identifier (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) provides the researcher with a permanent and unique digital identifier. It’s a series of numbers that will distinguish you from other researchers. ORCID ID helps to identify the researcher for example when there are researchers with the same name, different ways of writing a person’s name or when the name changes. ORCID helps to link the research outputs between the databases. ORCID can also be linked to other types of researcher IDs (like ResearcherID, Scopus Author ID).

According to the open science policy of the future Tampere University the researchers will create an ORCID ID and use it in all scientific activity.

You can create an ORCID ID on ORCID’s website.

More information:
Tanja Heikkilä, Information Specialist,

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