Track the visibility of your research – learn about altmetrics in a webinar 26.1.

Academic reseach is discussed on social media and other forums on the Web but how does the researcher in question know about it? This kind of visibility of the research is measured by altmetrics and Tampere University Library offers the new Altmetric Explorer service for making use of altmetric data.

Now you can hear more about altmetric tracking and Altmetric Explorer on Thursday, 26 January at 12:00-13:00 on a webinar for researchers, students and the staff of the University of Tampere. The webinar offers an introduction to altmetrics, background on how Altmetric track attention to research, Explorer demo and examples of using Altmetric data in practice. Webinar’s language is English.

Registration for the webinar

More information:
Information Specialists Merja Hyödynmaa and Saila Huuskonen,

Altmetric Explorer – getting started

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