Welcome to the English Presentation Clinic!

How we help: The English Presentation Clinic provides support in developing academic presentation skills in English to undergraduate and graduate students, and staff. You can book one-on-one 30-minute consultations to, for instance, go over your idea of a presentation with slides, practice giving the presentation, and receive feedback and guidance from a Language Centre teacher.

 The Presentation Clinic can help with

  • preparation
  • speaking techniques
  • structure
  • pronunciation

 What we don’t do: Translations. We help you develop your presentation skills, not prepare your presentation for you. The consultations will be all in English and your prepared work should be in English as well.

How to use the Presentation Clinic: Consultation times will be available from 16 February 2018 onwards. Schedule a 30-minute session with a Language Centre teacher on the Moodle page English Presentation Clinic, enrolment key: Presentation Clinic

Please note that you can book no more than 2 consecutive time slots of 30 minutes each. Book your meeting no later than 24 hours before the meeting time. If you cannot attend your session, please send an email to lance@uta.fi.

The Presentation Clinic is located in the Language Centre in Pinni B room 5078.




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