New publication was announced on internationalisation development in higher education

Internationalisation team in HET-research group celebrated new book publication on 29 November. The book titled ”Internationalisation and Transnationalisation in Higher Education” is edited by Vesa Korhonen and Pauliina Alenius and is published by Peter Lang. At the publication event there were short presentations on behalf of the Peter Lang publication series editor professor Philipp Gonon (University of Zurich) and by some chapter authors and book editors.

The recent developmental features of internationalisation in higher education are examined in the book with the conceptual lense of emerging pattern of internationalisation, which is bringing forth especially the different dimensions of transnationalisation in macro-, meso- and micro-level spaces of higher education activities. These diverse spaces are more closely examined in the different parts of the book. Geographically, the studies in this book focus on examining internationalisation and transnationalisation processes in Europe, Asia and North America. While current research in the field often concentrates on anglophone countries, this volume introduces examples from other linguistic settings (such as Finland and Denmark) and areas which have been less examined in relation to the internationalisation of higher education (for example, Russia by Shenderova in her chapter).

See more information on the book flyer: 432776_Korhonen FLYER