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News: Visiting professor Dr Anuj Kapilashrami´s interview on Radio Moreeni about People’s Health Movement by Miia Halonen

Global Health and Development had an honor to organize People’s Health Movement workshop by Dr. Anuj Kapilashrami on 24 October 2017 for the students and staff in UTA who are interested in global and public health issues. Guest professor of Social Sciences Dr. Kapilashrami is an active member of the steering group of the UK People’s Health Movement and convener for the Scotland group. Larissa Bister from Radio Moreeni interviewed Dr. Kapilashrami about the People´s Health Movement. To learn about the role of People’s Health Movement in global health arena listen the interview here:

Is it time for Finland to join the People´s Health Movement?

People’s Health Movement publishes the Global Health Watch – the alternative World Health Report