News: Global Health Case Challenge 2017 – Meet the Team! By Lynda Gilby, Ulla Laitinen, Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen, Mariette Hägglund, and Annariina Koivu

Photo: Jonne Renvall, University of Tampere

The University of Tampere is sending 5 students, across various disciplines, to compete in the Global Health Case Challenge is Copenhagen next month. The topic of the challenge is the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Migrant Women. A question related to this topic will be presented on arrival and teams will have 24 hours to come up with and present a solution to the panel. Each participant has a diverse background presenting an interdisciplinary approach to the challenge.

From the Master’s in Public and Global Health, Ulla has previously studied both Public Health Nursing and Midwifery. She worked for THL as a research nurse on large scale public health studies. One of those studies included the health implications of stress on pregnant women and how this can affect the child throughout their development. Lynda has a background working in large trauma centers and small rural hospitals in across New Zealand, England and Scotland. She has a strong interest in researching gender based violence and barriers to women’s full and equal participation in society. Currently undertaking her PhD, we have Kalpana, who is studying the reproductive health of migrant women. She has worked as a research assistant and been involved in multiple publications related to women’s health and has a strong academic background in public health.

From the Master’s in Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research program, Giovanna Sanchez has experience researching human right’s issues at borders, and how we can reduce discrimination and protect human rights, especially those of migrants and vulnerable minorities. She participated in the Bill Clinton Hult Prize challenge on how to decrease human disease in urban slums. She is currently doing her thesis around the human factor of border control with the Bodega Project. From the same program we have Mariette, who interned with the Permanent Mission of Finland at the UN in Geneva, with a focus on human rights and global health. She has worked in Iraq with refugee women, learning about their experiences living under ISIS control and hearing their personal stories.

The winning team will meet with the UNFPA at their office in Copenhagen to pitch their solution, and with the EIT Health Accelerator program which can provide assistance and funding to get new programs off the ground.

– This opportunity stems from our collaboration within a partnership among Nordic universities, explains Dr. Annariina Koivu from Global Health and Development (GHD). The partnership for Global Health Case Challenges was a formed in 2017 with the aim of strengthening the field of global health education in the Nordic region by offering new ways of learning and teaching through using the innovative pedagogic approach of case challenges. Besides the University of Copenhagen, the host of the current as well as two successful case challenges, the partnership includes Karolinska Institutet, Lund and Uppsala University in Sweden, universities of Oslo and Bergen in Norway and the University of Tampere in Finland.

– We are excited, as this opportunity could be the first step in the path towards an exciting and rewarding career for the students.

Prof Anneli Milen (GHD) continues: This is a prime example of international collaboration that has the focus on action and activities. This is an excellent opportunity to compete on a serious, real world issue.