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Blog: UTA is strong in development research by Mikko Perkiö

Picture: Leena Wilkman. Global sociology by professors Ali Qadir and Risto Heiskala. Mikko Perkiö as a panel chair.

We have much more development research at the University of Tampere (UTA) than we tend to think. In our university, development research is not a separate subject, such as Development Studies is in the University of Helsinki, while in UTA, the studies on global development are integrated into several subjects such as education, governance, and even into ICT. Many strong research groups bring a global development perspective to their field. This became evident when the UTA development researchers presented their research in Tampere in April in a seminar featuring leading researchers and experts from twenty European and African countries. During the event, the European Development Research Organization (EADI) held its Executive Committee meeting.

The seminar theme was Global Governance and Responsibility and it was discussed from the perspectives of global sociology, education, innovation and social security. The working groups focused on conflicts and human rights, migration, environment and development relationship, and conditions of global well-being.

In the globally oriented research groups at the University of Tampere, we have a great opportunity to increase our joint efforts and joint applications. There is evidence that consortia beyond the disciplines and sector boundaries produce new information – this successful event proved it.