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Blog: TRANSFORM African social protection

Enthusiastic dialogues Photo: Timo Voipio

An ambitious multipartner effort is turning into results in Tanzania where the 1st ever TRANSFORM training was held. The training package supports policy makers and practitioners who design and implement social protection systems in African countries. The EU-SPS programme unit coordinated by THL (National Institute for Health and Wellbeing), particularly Dr. Timo Voipio, has played profound role in bringing multistakeholder forces together, which has enabled this major step forward. The partner portfolio includes professionals from ILO, UNICEF, UNDP and regional expert networks such as SASPEN. Also UTA’s Global Health and Development (GHD) team partners the EU-SPS in building and researching such higher education which could produce solid expertise on social protection in Africa. Dr. Mikko Perkiö, GHD, participated the 5-day training in Dar El Salaam as an observer.

The 5-day course pulled to classroom 25 Tanzanian managers and coordinators who are in charge of social protection in key ministries or in implementing bodies such TASAF, a social assistance programme with over 7 million beneficiaries. Next courses will be Training of trainers and tailor-made versions utilizing the feedback from the pilot course. In future, courses aim to attract participants from many African nations. Furthermore, the African Union (AU) thinks that launching a TRANSFORM course on-line in 2017 is a feasible top priority, which may be contrasted to the AU’s more distant dream to build a railway across the continent from Cairo to Cape Town.

Microsimulation helps governmental decision making Photo: Timo Voipio