BLOG: By Annariina Koivu: From Darfur to Liberia – Heidi Isohanni’s lecture on humanitarian emergencies was a success


Ambulance service in a refugee camp in Darfur. Photo: Heidi Isohanni

Global Health & Development was proud to have Heidi Isohanni (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) as a guest speaker. Having worked in various roles from outreach nurse supervisor to Ebola response coordinator in countries like Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Liberia and Tanzania, her guest lecture was a treat for all of us who are interested in humanitarian work and emergency preparedness.

Besides sharing her real-life field experiences, her lecture provided insight what it means to work for an international organization, such as MSF (Doctors without Borders) or Red Cross)

The lecture, which is a part of the course Health and Health Care in Disaster Situations, was received with admiration by the students and staff. Global Health & Development welcomes Heidi back soon. 🙂