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SickKids – online course available

Free online course:

The SickKids Public Health Nutrition Course (SPHNC) is an innovative online course designed primarily for health professionals, but also students and individuals seeking to learn more about nutrition in a globalized world. By leveraging SickKids’ expertise and international networks, the open access course exposes participants to contemporary issues in public health nutrition with an emphasis on maternal and child nutrition. The SPHNC encompasses an interactive, broad-based curriculum that equips participants with the knowledge and skills to address nutrition-related health challenges, adding a more dynamic layer to existing education content and mediums currently available in public health nutrition.

The SPHNC is comprised of 7 modules, each containing 2-7 sessions. Course sessions feature a variety of interactive assessments, expert video talks, an additional resources section, and a nutrition based glossary.

See the Introductory video (2 min) through the access below