Monthly Archives: March 2015

Lecture sessions at the global poverty course 19.3. and 26.3. at 15.15

Global Poverty: Policies I:Thu 19.3. at 15.15-17.45, Paavo Koli Auditorium, PinniA-building

  1. A Global Development Update: How does Sustainable Governance of Natural Resources Link to Poverty Reduction? (Dr. Marikki Stocchetti, Secretary General, Development Policy Committee, Ministry for Foreign Affairs) 15.15-16.00
  2. Politics of Global Poverty, Dr. Timo Voipio, Senior Adviser, Ministry for Foreign Affairs 16.15-17.00Basic Income Pilots in Low Income Countries,
  3. Johanna Perkiö, Researcher, UTA 17.00-17.45

Global Poverty: Policies II: Thu 26.3. at 15.15-18.30, Paavo Koli Auditorium, PinniA-building

  1. The Role of the Public Sector and Taxation, Prof. Jukka Pirttilä, UNU-WIDER & UTA & Matti Ylönen, Researcher, University of Helsinki 15.15-16.45
  2.  Interconnections between Poverty and Education, Prof. Tuomas Takala, UTA 17.00-17.45
  3. Interconnections between Poverty and Health, Dr. Meri Koivusalo, Senior Researcher, National Institute for Health and Welfare 17.45-18.30