Monthly Archives: October 2014

So you think you’re poor? Really?

How would you live if you only had less than 2 dollars a day to spend? If someone asked me this question, it would probably seem like an impossible task for me, because even my morning cup of coffee costs that much. But this really is all the money that billions of people have on a normal day to spend. According to a study made from the data of the year 2011 about 30% of us in the world are living in this situation and that seems like there is something really wrong and injustice in this world of ours. This fact really shook me and it changed the way I look at my life. The big problems such as complaining about my slow internet connection or about the finnish government’s action on alcohol laws or whatever little thing that seemed so frustrating to me just disappeared. Because I realized that my situation could be really much worse… And only then it would be a bad situation for reals.

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