Four tips you can’t miss at the workplace!

We are group of 20 students from Tampere University. During Constructive Talk at Work course we have produced a guide for solutions in various conflict situations at work as a group project. In the guide there is a story about Person X who encounters different conflict situations at work. We introduce four problematic situations which can happen to anybody and suggest different solutions on how to deal with them.

The idea for the project came out quite fast during the group dialogue in the first session. During the course we worked in smaller groups and we always started and ended our sessions in a big circle. The stories were created in smaller groups but final decisions were made by the whole group after discussion. We used the dialogical approach in all of our discussions. We chose group values in the beginning of the course and they were cooperation, responsibility, helpfulness, respect and security. Those values carried us to our victory.

The aim of the work was to allow us to practice dialogue skills together and individually. The course and the work really helped us improving our dialogical thinking. The guide is a result from this process. We hope you find it helpful and interesting!


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