Effective Communication at Working Place

Group 2, autumn 2018

We are a group of students at the University of Tampere who came to this course to improve our English dialogue skills. Many different nationalities (Finnish, Czech, Chinese, Indonesian and Spanish) were involved as well as many fields of study.

The project of our group was a video about communication at working place. We decided to prepare three scenes with good and bad versions in working life communication. Our topics were non-verbal communication (especially use of phones), cultural differences and lack of proper orientation. We chose to tackle these topics because we consider them as ‘hot potatoes’ of working life.

We started our project by brainstorming together in smaller groups. Then, final decisions about the scenes were made together as a whole group. To do the work we divided into two and distributed the tasks. One group planned and filmed the good versions, the other the bad ones. Some of us were good and interested in editing, some in acting and so on – therefore everyone could participate with their own talent and interest.

To complete the process we needed to use and develop our constructive dialogue skills. These include listening, voicing and creating common understanding. We found out that communication is crucial, as well as co-operation. Working in a big group required flexibility and ability to make compromises.

You can never be perfect at listening and voicing. We think that we succeeded well, but there’s always room for growth and development. For further development, we could encourage each other to try new tasks. Anyhow, a video project itself was a new and challenging experience for many of us.

Go and watch our video: https://youtu.be/-MSocEfDdoU



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