Conflict solving at work

Here we introduce our project that we made for the Summer School course called “Dialogue: Constructive Talk at Work”. We are a group of international students from different countries and regions (China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Hong Kong, Iran, Syria, Vietnam). The course was about dialogue and how to get better in work communication.

The given task was to create something that will help us in work life. In the beginning we had thousands of ideas and zero final decisions. It seemed that we are making a mess. After a while we realized that all of our ideas could fit under the topic of conflicts at work. By voting we decided to present four different scenarios: communication breakdown, conflicts of interest between the departments, generation gap, and negative atmosphere at work. We made comic-like PowerPoint presentation with Barbie assistants. In small groups we took the pictures and wrote the dialogue.

The funniest part of the task was to take pictures of Barbies. The most challenging part was to come to any conclusion as a big group. Maybe because of its challenging nature the communication in big group was the most educational part of the task. Through this process we developed skills like planning in short time, cooperation in international context, and working with people we have just met. As a result of this journey we are proudly presenting this “Conflict solving at work”. Enjoy!

Barbies at work

Here is our signature for the project. Finally we’re done, jipii!

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