FSD preserves your data and opens it for other researchers, 11.1.-17.2.2017

The first EDUSTA-Gallery exhibition of the year 2017 introduces the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD).

The FSD, situated in Virta-building, provides a single point of access to a wide range of digital research data for learning, teaching and research purposes. All of our basic services are free of charge.

The Aila Data Service provides access to data archived at FSD. Aila contains over 1,260 datasets, the majority of which are quantitative data. Data are available for registered users, according to access conditions set for each dataset.

The FSD is a separate unit of the University of Tampere but provides services to researchers, teachers and students all over Finland as well as abroad. The unit is also actively involved in international cooperation.

FSD Personnel in 2016. Image: Mikko Pajulahti

FSD Personnel in 2016. Image: Mikko Pajulahti

The FSD promotes open access to research data as well as transparency, accumulation and efficient reuse of scientific research.

The Exhibition Opening takes place January 11th 2017 at the main entrance lobby of the Virta-building.


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