Spaces and Places of Adulthood, 24.3.-17.4.2015

Local challenges of adult education are increasingly also planetary. Adult education actors witness the consequences of globalization, not only as increased interaction and mobility across borders, but also as economic, social and environmental crises at a global scale. Along with the tensions and contradictions globalization also offers an unprecedented view on the solidarities and mutualities between spaces and places of adulthood on the planet Earth.

Through the images in this exhibition we invite you to a discourse of the challenges and possibilities of adult education in a planetary perspective.

The exhibition salutes the 6th Nordic Conference on Adult Education and Learning, “Adult Education and the Planetary Condition”

The exhibition work group: Anja Heikkinen, Jenni Pätäri & Markus Huhtamäki

Exhibition references

taulu_1 taulu_2 taulu_3


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