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Two EduMAP reports published

GOOD PRACTICES IN ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAMMES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE IN VULNERABLE SITUATIONS by Beate Schmidt-Behlau presents the most important findings and analysis—distilled from 20 country reports (19 European countries and Turkey)—on…

EduMAP good practice cases

A total of 40 ‘good practice’ cases from 20 countries were studied during the project. Examples of good practices have been sought in the EU and Turkey. This section presents…

EduMAP recommends to pay attention to vulnerable young learners’ needs and to set explicit goals (Policy Brief)

The findings indicate that current adult education policies are more often focused on country specific agendas than on vulnerable learners’ interests and needs.

Article: Could Adult Education Become a Means of Active Participatory Citizenship for Young People in the EU?

The article describes how adult learning would improve social inclusion and the acceptance of the Union citizenship status in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Slovenia. The joint research of Adult…