“How to study the impact of adult education: The EduMAP example”, a new article in the Adult Education and Development journal

Issue 85 (2018) of the international journal Adult Education and Development (AED) looks at the role and impact of adult education from a global perspective. The issue includes the article, How to study the impact of adult education: The EduMAP example. The article and the journal are available free of charge. 

In their article, Francesca Endrizzi and Beate Schmidt-Behlau ask, how can the effectiveness, achievements and shortcomings of educational initiatives be identified? The article describes how the project was designed to identify impact, and it presents some early findings.

Read the article here or download the whole issue from the link below.

The journal is available in English, French and Spanish.

The journal can be requested free of charge at info@dvv-international.de. The online edition can be read and/or downloaded at https://www.dvv-international.de/adult-education-and-development/.