EduMAP Project Meeting in Thessaloniki 14-16 March 2018

The year’s first official EduMAP project meeting was held in Thessaloniki, Greece. The meeting was hosted by Assistant Professor Georgios K. Zarifis and his team at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The progress of all strands of research work were presented and thoroughly discussed in the meeting. Currently, most research teams are focusing on coding and analysing the vast amount of data (interviews and policy documents) gathered during the past year from identified good practices and communicative ecologies in the field of adult education. At the same time, the teams responsible for developing the IDSS (Intelligent Decision Support System) for adult education purposes are working with various register data to create a basis for a functional prototype of the system.  The EduMAP project is participating in the European Commission’s Open Research Data Pilot (ORD) and will submit anonymised research data for the pilot. A training session on anonymisation practices was organised as a video conference between the Finnish Social Science Data Archive in Tampere and the EduMAP research team in Thessaloniki.

More entries related to the work with good practices, communicative ecologies, and the development of the IDSS will be posted soon…